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Apr. 25th, 2010

hug, love


[Round 1] Review: First Action Post (25.04.10)

Happy Sunday, everyone! Welcome to the first review post! Without further ado, this is basically where we'll be discussing technical and plot issues with regards the first action post. Feel free to voice your comments :D 

I have one technical issue to raise: 

Commenting. Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to keep commenting in action posts neat? I would suggest that once one person comments, all other comments should just follow on from that comment - this would mean one huge long flow instead of separate flows. It would be less confusing. But if some actions are irrelevant to that character's actions it could also get confusing.

Please give me your comments/suggestions with regards this, because it seems like after a while nobody knows which comment to reply to :]

With regards plot continuation: 

If we were to go on to the next action post, shall we start with the rampage of Komurin III then in the second action post? This will most likely take place in early-mid May.

Secondly, in the early parts of the RP we were thinking of eventually making the plot serious/opening it up to more players. While this is still an early stage, do you already have ideas of where you want a serious plot to go? I'd like to hear from you :] It'd be lovely to have Noah characters in as well (imagine epic!battles). Also, considering that the current arc of the manga is not completed yet, perhaps we could do a slight AU spin (while still keeping it in canon timeline) from the end of the previous arc? Basically if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Lastly, for those in school, all the best for this semester! Let's look forward to the summer holidays when we can RP and procrastinate actively, ufufu. Can't wait for the summer when hopefully more people will be free! :D

Apr. 12th, 2010

hug, love


[Round 1] Bi-weekly update: April 12, 2010

HAI GUYZ 8D Oh my. Words cannot express how sorry I am to have had to skip last week's update. I'm sure you don't want to be subjected to a long whine on school and essays and the like, so I'll just skip straight to it, yessss? Also, it might be just me (or maybe things just are) but it seems like people are busy *sadface* If you'd still like to play, could you let me know when your busy times are in the comments? I know mine are for this month, and I'll be free after May 7, but if I'm not wrong some of you all will have busy periods way past May 7, so it'd be nice to know! 

Also, now that for the action post Komurin III has entered and nobody has posted a new action as of yet, I think I will "close" that post in the sense that the action can stop for now and we'll review things - what were the difficulties with posting, for instance. How long should an action post go before a new one is started. Things like that - and when we can try again we might possibly want to deal with the aftermath of Komurin III's entrance or we could discuss how to take the plot further.

2 characters in total updated~Collapse )


1 log received up to date.

Lenalee Lee and Komui Lee - On spending time

Say, brother...Collapse )
Okay, so, from the above, TL;DR: 

1. Please tell me your busy times so I know when to not poke you.
2. Action post "closed" for now. Please keep an eye out for the review post (for action logs) and leave your suggestions/comments there. Hash out any technicality problems. The post should be out by next weekend at the latest.
3. Continue to have fun! :D Emails and journal updates are always welcome.

Eeek schoolwork. Okay guys. All the best for exams/work/general RL stuff! As always, PM me if you have anything to ask (:

Mar. 21st, 2010

hug, love


[Round 1] Bi-weekly update: March 21, 2010

Hi guys! :D Okay, I think, realistically speaking, I will be doing these updates once every two weeks instead of once every week, at least until the semester and exams are over (: I hope that works out fine with you guys? :D

On to the update proper~



8 characters in total updated~Collapse )


3 logs received up to date - a continuation of the previous topic between Lavi and Lenalee, one between Lavi and Kanda, and one between Allen and Lenalee.

1. Lavi and Lenalee Lee - On Chain Mail



2. Lavi and Kanda Yu - On Chain Mail




3. Allen and Lenalee - on definitions



Are you sure you should tell me this?Collapse )




The saga of Man Vs. Machine continues~ 

very very brief descriptionCollapse )


On hiatuses - are_late  is facing some RL difficulties at the moment, I hope everything goes well for her :X Hence, c_est_rabi  will be on hiatus until mid-April or so - will update you guys if there're any changes!

Secondly, just a reminder that to keep up with the action post, it's best if you use the "track this" function. Basically, by tracking that post specifically, everytime a new comment is keyed in an email will be sent - so you won't have to worry about missing out on the action! 

Thirdly, since Komurin III has entered and I'm guessing we will be moving into the battle of Order VS Komurin (and Komui? :D), after that I will be putting up a review post to see where the technical problems are and such - so if you have any suggestions, do bring them to the review post when it's up! 

Lastly - RL is getting really tough for all of us, huh? ): I'm afraid I'll only be able to do this update post once every two weeks now. If you're facing any difficulties please feel free to PM me! I check my inbox everyday, so chances are I can get back to you within 48 hours (: 

That's it for this two weeks, have lots of fun in the action post! 

Mar. 6th, 2010



[Round 1] Weekly Update: March 06, 2010

Wooo~ I'd go into a long whine on how terrible this week was - but that's for a different place and time XD For now, the weekly update! This will also have last week's activities (since too little happened last week, so I combined it with this week's update instead~) This is like, the week of the birth of the internet - online quizzes, chain mail and all? Oh yeah


7 characters in total updated~Collapse )


1 log received up to date - Lavi sent chain mails and Lenalee responded.





First official action post up! This is a very short summary that does little justice to the actual posts, so...go check it out *g*

on birthdays, breakfast, and suspicious rumbling noises...Collapse )


On journalling - as far as possible, could everyone please keep their posts technically public for easier access? Um, because I had to keep logging in and out to collate the journal entries for the friends-locked ones, I have to admit it was a little painful :X 

Besides that, nothing else to update! Whoo! Busy week this has been :D 

I'm glad to see more people jumping into the action post! Though really, we're still missing some people, come join in! 

As always, if you have any problems please PM me personally ♥ While I'd really love to, I can't keep an eye on everything (especially this and next week D: ), so if something does pop up that I haven't noticed please feel free to contact me through that channel as well.

Thank you! Have a good week~

Feb. 26th, 2010

facing forward, alone in a crowd


Reminder: Please join in action post! ♥

Hi guys, busy week much? ♥ The RP front was pretty quiet, so here's to hoping RL hasn't been too harsh on ya all! 

Still, I shall insert a plea here to pretty pretty pretty please join in the first official action post? Given that it's gonna start the mini-arc of Komurin III running, I'd really love to see everyone participating! Please don't be shy, it's meant to be fun and interactive! Especially since we're a pretty small comm, we need all the people we can get ;D 

Firstly, it takes place in the canteen, so you can pretty much do anything in there! Whether you're queuing up to get food or sitting at a table talking with a few Finders, chances are other RP-ers will find ways to interact with you as well <3 Alternatively, a scene has already been set up where Komui enters gleefully. If you want to strangle Komui for destroying libraries/not doing paperwork, now's your chance to join in the action~

Also, a scenario has been set where there're ominous rumblings in the background *cough*KomurinIII*cough* So if you're walking along the corridors you can totally mention it and look around warily :D

Still worried you'll make mistakes in posting? Don't be! One thing that's awesome about a small base is that you can take the chance to learn by just jumping in and posting, and if anything is up your friendly mod and fellow RP-ers are here to guide you ^^ Also, remember, Lenalee's party might be the trigger for the Komurin arc, but this RP is for everyone and about everyone :D It's there for you to talk about the things you posted in your character blog, or emailed other characters about, and basically to knit every aspect of the RP more tightly together :D 

If you'd like to, I'd love to have you join in by posting a new comment to the entry or by responding to what has already taken place by continuing a specific thread you're interested in ♥

However, if you're really busy and cannot participate this week or the next, do please tell me, and I'll take note of it (: 

Thanks for reading this long modly post! I hope this Friday is good to you :D Please don't hesitate to ask any questions in the comments or to PM me if you'd like :D

Feb. 21st, 2010

facing forward, alone in a crowd


[Round 0] Weekly Update: Feb 20, 2010

Firstly, a big apology for getting this weekly update in so late! >.< Hope you all had a good week, my dears! 

Now, your weekly update :D For those who enjoyed the Finder version, I'm afraid I only have this version this week :X 


6 characters in total updated~Collapse )


We have A LOT of them this time around. Oh my. 14 logs received in the second week, some of which are a continuation of last week's exchange.

1. Howard Link and Allen Walker – On Precautions 
A PrecautionCollapse )


2. Komui Lee and Howard Link – On File Requests


Request for FilesCollapse )  
3. Komui Lee and Bak Chan – On Files Needed 
Files Needed: Exorcist Allen Walker's Stay at The Black Order, Asian BranchCollapse ) 
4. Howard Link and Bak Chan – On File Requests 
Request for FilesCollapse )
5. Bak Chan and Komui Lee – On Finding Komui


Give up, Komui. Just give up.Collapse )  
6. Allen Walker and Reever Wenhamm – On finding Komui 
About KomuiCollapse )


7. Lenalee Lee and Komui Lee – On Finding Komui 
Where are you?Collapse )  
8. Komui Lee and Reever Wenhamm – On Komui actually doing work


8DCollapse ) 
9. Lavi and Komui Lee – On the Destruction of Libraries


10. Howard Link and Lavi – On finding a book


Book RequestCollapse )  
11. Kanda Yuu and Lavi – On using sparkly text


........Collapse )  
12. Howard Link and Lenalee Lee – On cake preference


InquiryCollapse )  
13. Komui Lee and Lenalee Lee – On Birthday Wishes 
14. Howard Link and Reever Wenhamm – On birthday protocols 
A Question Regarding Birthday PartiesCollapse )




So, you guys know the files Link is asking about? *g* Created something like official files for you all to see~ Download it here if you're interested! :D

That's all in terms of activities for the week! 


Please use order_action  and order_bulletin  for action logs :D I'll be posting one soon on Lenalee's party (or the start of it in any case) in case you're unsure on how to start (: And most likely I'll weave Komurin in. Please feel free to PM me if you need to ask anything! 

P.S Holy --- HTML and I are not friends. Nuh uh. Sorry if you see the text formatting going wildly out of hand in the email logs, will deal with it soon-ish!

Feb. 19th, 2010

facing forward, alone in a crowd


[Round 0] Action and Noticeboard Communities!

Hi everyone! I feel pleasantly full from Chinese New Year goodies. So I thought I should use that energy to tinker over some stuff :D 

I should have sent a PM to most of you, and for the rest I should have gotten in touch with you some way or other about creating a separate community for action logs. I haven't heard from brokenflavors  and meggle_star  though >.< Please contact me if you have violent objections!

Currently it seems that most are in favour of creating a separate community for action logs so this community can be reserved for updates and information. Okay! That would make this place more streamlined too :]

I have created: 

order_action : This one will be for third person action logs. And;
order_bulletin : This one will be for general bulletin posts and for first person reaction.

In general, order_action  will be for ongoing action/interaction of your character with others.

While order_bulletin  will be for announcements and reactions to those announcements. If it is not specified, it can be assumed that these notices appear both in its physical form on the noticeboards as well as on the interface.

Invites will be sent to your character LJs. These communities are purely RP communities - mod posts will be reserved for this community.

I will put up a test post in each of them - this will be a random scenario and may not necessarily impact the actual RP. If you are unsure of how these will work, please refer to the test posts and try to comment on them! Don't worry, I doubt anyone will go completely off-track, but if there're any uncertainties work them out in the test post please! As such, if you need to post OOC to clarify something, it is alright for the test posts.

If things work out fine and everyone is settled, we can start the action posts this Saturday/Sunday! *is excited 8D*

Thanks everyone! Have a good day!

Feb. 12th, 2010

facing forward, alone in a crowd


[Round 0] Test: Weekly Update, Mod Version

Hi guys! Hope you all had fun visiting each other's LJs and the like :D 

Now, this is a test of the weekly update! Basically I'm playing around with the format, so I'd like you to tell me if you prefer something like this, or something like this over here, or a possible fusion of both? This is probably neater, but doesn't, uh, have the Finder perspective? ^^;;


9 Characters in total updated~Collapse )


5 email logs received up to date. 2 between Komui and Reever, 1 between Komui and Lavi, 1 between Link and Allen, and 1 between Link and Komui.

1. Komui and Reever: On Coffee

on coffeeCollapse )


2. Reever and Komui: On Explosions

[High Priority] EXPLOSION!Collapse )


3. Komui and Lavi: On Secrets


DON'T YOU DARECollapse ) 


4. Link and Allen: On Precautions

A PrecautionCollapse ) 

5. Link and Komui: On Files


Request for FilesCollapse ) 


That's all in terms of activities for this week! 

Some things I'd like to discuss: 

1. The technicalities of "friending"

Actually, the "friending" function was at first intended to be just to keep up with each other journals. As in, in this interface, you're technically automatically friended. I thought it was quite interesting that friending became a point of discussion. Would you rather take it as a point of discussion (politics of friending) or let it remain a technical issue? 

2. The name of this interface...

Is not Livejournal, even if we're using LJ to facilitate this RP ^^;;

(Brainstorming for name. Something journal? ...INSANEjournal? 8D)

3. Timeline

1894 is an arbitrary date, but if there're no objections I'll just use this year for convenience in terms of email logs and the like. So Komui's journal posts are posts of the past and can be assumed to be posts in a physical journal.

After reading everyone's post, the general feeling seems to be that this takes place post Chapter 185, pre Alma Kanda backstory.

4. Emailing

Please try to CC me? 8D So once one party CCs me, you just need to remember to "Reply All" so I know what's happening.

Please feel free to comment! Thanks dears for this first week of fun ♥

Feb. 8th, 2010

facing forward, alone in a crowd


[Round 0] Character Update, Plot Discussion, Format Discussion

Hi everyone! A manic monday had just ended for me, hope you guys had/are having a good start to the week! (: 

An exciting update *g*: More people have expressed interest in joining, so that means we might have about 10 characters :D But for now: 

A) The current confirmed characters (9 in total): 

Allen Walker, Kanda Yu, Lavi, Lenalee Lee, Howard Link, Tokusa, Reever Wenhamm, Bak Chang, Komui Lee

B) The characters confirmed, but whose journals have not been created (1 in total): 

Miranda Lotto

Okay, onto the main part of this post. PLOT. ZOMG. DISCUSSION PLEASE.

the nefarious detailsCollapse )
Talk, or I'll send you spam. Komui-flavoured spam.

Finally, a format question! 

I hope you guys got to go around the various character LJs to take a look at what people have written (: Remember, the RP is not officially launched yet, but the journal updating can certainly start and we can have fun seeing what people wrote prior to the RP :D But the thing is, sometimes we have OOC responses, like me squealing out loud at Reever's poster.

So, important question: what is your stand on OOC reactions within the RP? 

eenee-menee-mynee-moeCollapse )

Thank you! That's all for now, I'll get back to communicating with the various interested parties - have a great week guys! 

AND REMEMBER TO COMMENT. It gets lonely when I see that the posts have little to no replies *sad face complete with puppy-dog eyes*

Feb. 5th, 2010

facing forward, alone in a crowd


Housekeeping, Contact Information

Hi guys! Most of you should have found your way here :D EXCELLENT.

Now, I need to settle a couple of things, so just bear with me for this post. I will be doing housekeeping and explaining some of the more technical aspects of this RP. It will be "stickied" so you should be able to find it in the links bar (: This post will also serve as the first discussion area where you can raise questions about the format, and also get to say hi to the other players if you wish (: This is NOT the start of the RP, just in case you're panicking.



Look at me look at me look at meeeeCollapse )


Revisions and changes will be done as we continue discussing. That's all for the technical issues for now! Hope you're having a good Friday (:

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