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The Black Order

where all the insanity is gathered

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The Black Order - An in-fandom, in-depth exploration of characters through multi-media RP.


Welcome one and all to black_order_hq! Komui has ordered me to bring you around for the day, so stick closely to me, and try not to get lost! Oh, I suppose you know this already, but we do have an Exorcist who's known for getting chronically lost, and that one time he took a wrong turn when the Inspector wasn't looking and...

Oh, I apologize, you don't want to listen to me ramble. I'm but a mere Finder, you see. I expect that you'll find our home interesting and rather...huge, but be patient and you'll see everything (well, that's not out of bounds, that is) by the end of the day.

So, what do you guys do?

Mind your step there...hmm, oh, what we do? Well, as you know, we are an Organization dedicated to bringing down the Millennium Earl. And for that we have our team of Exorcists, chosen by the Innocence; Finders like me who go out to investigate unnatural phenomena; the Scientists who are the brains of the place and who create our uniforms; the Doctors and Nurses who patch us up when we're injured; our supporting staff who cook, clean and generally pamper us.

So as you can see, we're a big Organization. And in order for everything to function smoothly, we must have proper communication tools. Oh, what's that, you ask? Well...

Imagine you're me.

Okay, that's not the best example ever...ah, imagine you're Komui Lee. Okay?

Now, here, all you have to do is create an email address using gmail, yahoo or hotmail, or anything that gives you a free account, create an LJ with that account, and you're all set to go! So you can check out chief_komui_lee as an example, and join in the hectic life of the Order.

Yes, okay, but what exactly do you guys do?

That's our mess hall, wonderful, isn't it? Hmm? Oh, you're a curious bunch, aren't you? Well, to satisfy your curiosity...

We fight a war. A very serious war. We're all soldiers in it, but if we really want to bond together, well...we have to kinda get to know each other, right? So with your email and LJ...oh, just read this flyer:


So you would like to do an in-fandom RP. Awesome! Now, it's not as though we function completely differently from other RPs, though it wouldn't hurt to read through how we'd do things...

1. Keep a “private” journal.

Of course, it’s not completely “private”. For the purposes of RP, other players need to be able to see how your character is developed, even if they pretend that their characters know nothing (unless you make Lavi pick your lock and read your journal). However, too many journals created for RP is blank, and that makes us very sad. USE YOUR LJ. Write your thoughts (and just disable comments to make this “private”). Complain about Komui. Post paintings/photographs. Find icons you think your character will like.

2. Communicate with others

This is kinda a ‘duh’ situation, given that RP is all about interaction. What this means however is putting your lovely email address to good use. Maybe Komui is up to something dastardly, and Reever is attempting to stop him - so he emails his trusty band of Scientists. And therein replies are sent back and forth. A plot and a scheme is set up, adding another level to RP as players get to base their action on how they discussed things through with others.

This is a wonderful tool to use for after-action reviews, where players get to see the decision-making process that went into an event beforehand, and be able to see how a character’s voice is captured in the process of communicating with other characters.

3. Use the intra-web interface

Lou Fa is unabashedly infatuated with Allen Walker. That’s pretty much a given fact. So she creates a little space in the internet dedicated to idolizing Allen. Let’s call this IdolBook.

Stalker-ish tendencies and all aside, this is where characters interact with each other based on events/notices. Maybe Komui posted a notice which orders all Finders for a mass meeting in the hall, and the Exorcists, worried, talk about it with each other. This can be a virtual conversation or it can simulate one that is taking place face to face. In any case, this is mass conversation and doesn’t necessarily require “action” writing.

4. Good ol’ action

Finally, we have the plot-mover of RP, action! Using your character’s LJ, react to scenarios! Maybe Komui had noticed how antsy everyone is over the recent Earl attack, having lost plenty of valued scientists and Finders. But there is a time for grieving, and there is a time to move on. To generously facilitate that, he unleashes his new Komurin on the headquarters. Link twitches, Lavi laughs, and Kanda unsheathes Mugen. Whatever happens here is up to the player’s desire, we only beg that you try to keep them in character!

And that's it, really! If you feel like you can handle the commitment (we're asking for maybe a couple of hours a week, more during the weekends) then stick around with your friendly Finder and find out how to join us!

Okay, I think I can sort of get it now...where are we, by the way?

Oh, uh, you read fast! AH HAHA, I don't know, really...I MEAN, uh, there are three forks, as you can see! Would you like to choose which way to go?


I'm still not entirely sure, I mean, well, The Black Order does look interesting and all, but...

I thought we passed by this door just now...but maybe we can backtrack a little.

Oh, there's an interface, here. Since we're lost...I mean, since we have nothing better to do anyway, why not see an example of how our Organization is run? Then maybe you can decide better!

Meanwhile just let me slink off and ask Johnny for some directions...

Oh. Ohhhh. I like this! Looks kinda fun! How can I join?

Whew. Finally found where the induction room is. Ah, so you would like to join! Fantastic, we always welcome new members! But there's a test, you see.

Oh, don't look so scared, it's just to test whether you're human.

...why're you turning green? It's not like Komui is going to take a drill to your head or anything...

Don't you dare run away. Here, enter this room and fill in the form, so we can sell your soul to Komui - I mean, so you can officially be a part of the family! Wouldn't that be fun!

Hi, Chief, they're all yours now! I'll be off to capture more hapless - uh, willing beings! Bye!